{Last days of fun in the sun}

One thing about the beautiful region we live in: You can NEVER count on the weather!! Just a little something me and Anke were reminded of very recently :-) But then, that one day came - the perfect day for Anke's beach photo shoot! I'm so glad I finally got to meet this lovely mother and her beautiful children! Enjoy your photos - I really think we did a great job here! Next time, be sure to bring dad along!


{Welcome Heinrich!}

After 15 years of friendship, I had the opportunity of taking a few pics of the latest edition to Barend and Melandi's family: Heinrich. And what a good little boy!!!! Heinrich was just chilling all morning long, smiling and more than content to be in front of the camera... And not only is he (obviously) a very happy little baby, he's handsome and quite the charmer, too ;-) I hope you enjoy your photos guys - just as much as I enjoyed spending the morning with you to capture a few precious (and classic!) moments. 


{Natasha and her fam - last bit of fun on the beach}

Now this is a photo shoot I will remember for years to come. So I was taking photos on the beach, when a lady appeared out of no where - asking me if I have time available to take photos of their family before they leave again for Joburg. We made arrangements right there and then... and this was the end result! Lovely family, so much love, so much laughter, so much fun! Natasha, I reckon we should do this again some time. It's during moments like these that I realise, all over again, why I simply LOVE this "job"!! 


{Little Katja...finally!}

We started with Lindie's photos 6 months before little Katja was born - from the tummy growing, the maternity shoot......and then, finally, she arrived! So we continued with the pics! And this I can tell you: Katja is any photographer's dream!! She did not make a sound, slept all through the photo session, and gave us more than enough time make this a memorable (final) shoot! What a way to end of a photo shoot/session of almost 7 months! Mwah!